Polices and Insurance

Precision Home Movers provides moving services door to door. This includes moving and labor expertise, equipment and materials at an hourly rate.  You, the customer, are encouraged to prepare and/or assist with your move, as you desire. The following are Precision Home Movers' policies and limits of liability:

  • Scheduling and Cancellations

    • Precision Home Movers reserves the right to schedule or reschedule services at an agreed upon time, without liability. All customers will receive a confirmation email including date and time of scheduled moves.

    • Upon scheduling, Precision Home Movers will send an e-sign contract to the customer to review, sign, and enter their credit card information into a secure, third-party processor. No deposit is required, unless determined otherwise at the time of estimate by Precision Home Movers. All credit card information will be hidden and protected from any employee of Precision Home Movers.

    • Should the customer need to reschedule or cancel within 3 business days of the scheduled move date, Precision Home Movers reserves the right to charge your credit card for the agreed upon minimum balance estimated.

  • Billing

    • Payment is due upon the completion of the move. 

    • Customers are only charged for materials used. 

    • The customer must be present during the move and final "walk-through." Our time runs continuously from when we arrive at your starting location until the last item has entered your ending location, our equipment is loaded, and the bill is paid. When determining the final time, we will round up to the nearest quarter-hour.

    • Should the amount to be moved not accurately reflect what was entered on our request form and there is significantly more to be moved, we reserve the right to call in more movers and increase the rate per-hour to reduce the time of the job. If this should happen and we have another customer scheduled on the same day, we reserve the right to only move what was on the request form and the customer is welcome to schedule a follow-up move.

    • Should the conditions of the home, storage unit, or office be excessively dirty, requiring cleaning of truck and pads afterwards, Precision Home Movers reserves the right to add necessary charges to the customer's total bill to cover the expense of cleaning.

    • Should there be evidence of bed bugs, rodents, roaches, or animal waste at the premises of the customer's belongings (home, storage unit, office, etc.), Precision Home Movers reserves the right to add necessary charges to the customer's total bill to cover the expense of replacing all materials. 

    • Precision Home Movers reserves the right to stop any move where there is evidence of bed bugs or in cases of extreme uncleanliness and will charge the full estimated cost of the move.

  • Deposits​

    • For most moving jobs we will NOT require a deposit to reserve your appointment on our schedule.

    • For very large moves, moves traveling long distances, or large packing jobs, Precision Home Movers may require a portion of the minimum balance to be paid in a deposit to help cover materials or expenses ahead of the move. A contract will be sent with the deposit requirement that can be easily paid via credit card. 

    •  All deposits are applied to the customers final bill. 

  • Payment

    • Customers must pay in full at completion of the job without exception.

    • We accept cash, credit cards (via Square), and Venmo electronic transfer.

    • No personal or cashier's checks will be accepted. A 4% service fee will apply to credit card payments.

    • Gratuity is always appreciated, but never expected.

    • The Venmo app can be downloaded at no charge in the App Store HERE or Google Play HERE.

  • Claims

    • ​Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to Precision Home Movers within 72 hours of your move. If payment has not been made in full, we are not obligated to process a claim on your behalf. Any and all repairs will be arranged by Precision Home Movers.  We reserve the right to repair or replace any damaged item(s). If we are unable to repair or replace goods we have the option to compensate the customer by paying the value of the damaged goods prior to the damage occurring. All claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We pride ourselves on resolving any customer concerns with honesty and integrity. 

*If you are moving out of state, please reference the provided brochure from the U.S. Department of Transportation " Tips for a successful interstate move..."

Precision Home Movers has General Liability, Cargo, and General Auto Insurance.

Our liability for lost or damaged items is limited to $.60 per pound.